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Are you ready to start your own lash extension business but need help and support? LashBar™ understands that for many, taking the first step is intimidating.

Give us a call or fill out our inquiry for more information.

What Do Our Franchisees Say?


You are working with founders who, together, understand both the beauty industry and starting a businesses. Lina has 15+ years experience in beauty and customer experience. Joseph is an entrepreneur with this being his 4th business making him familiar with startup process.

We have experienced the ups and downs of a business. It was through trials and errors that we were able to map out a successful business blueprint for you. We also help you understand why, how, and where to spend your money on proper marketing.


At LashBar™ we stay head of the game with new and improved technology that benefits you, your employees and your guests. We have our own customer app for easy booking, self check in, auto pay, and other features. Along with an employee app for self clock in, time off request, payroll statement etc.


Our in-house marketing team is also designing and creating marketing materials from print media to social media. We help you understand why, how, and where to spend your money on proper marketing.


While most businesses have to wait 3-5 years to see a profit, not with LashBar™. If executed properly, you may see a profit in your first or second year. We have franchise partners who have made back their initial investment and see a net profit within their first 2 years.


We are here to help you with inventory, payroll, marketing, employee intranet, customer support, maximize stylist schedules, janitorial duties, etc. We implement all these systems for you so you can focus on being a lash artist, trainer, and owner.


Corporate is constantly researching and developing unique products for all salons at a fraction of market price. As we grow together, we can save even more on products through bulk purchasing. 


We created our LashBar™ system to be automated and self-sufficient with an optional exit strategy. When you are ready to move on, you can decide to keep your franchise for passive income or sell your business as the value will continue to increase.


Franchising with LashBar™ is available for any entrepreneur or lash artist who wants to open his or her own salon but does not know where to start or may be afraid of failing. Franchising is also a great option for existing lash salons who may be struggling due to lack of support.

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Franchising is a method of providing a service under an existing brand's trademark and business system. With an initial fee for the rights to do business under the LashBar™ name, proven system for success, and MORE, the foundation for the business is already there!


With LashBar™, you are joining a family and a support system. You will always have support when needed, a mentor to help you to guide you, and a friend to celebrate your successes.


Lash Boss Radio

Lina & Joseph Mai of LashBar talk franchising vs. owning your own salon

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Are You Ready?


Initial Investment Range

$135,000 - $265,000

     Franchise Investment
  • Includes 35K franchise fee 
  • Corporate entity filing
  • Location search and negotiations
  • Location construction and build-out
  • Operational training
  • Eyelash extension training for stylists
  • Pre-opening planning
  • Marketing prior to Grand Opening

Ongoing Cost


     Corporate Royalty

  • Employee and HR support

  • Education in service and training

  • Social media marketing materials

  • Paper print marketing materials

  • Innovation of products and services

  • Overseeing quality control


     National Ad Royalty

  • Different marketing strategies

  • Trade shows and Lash conventions

  • Social awareness

  • Community and networking events

Frequently asked questions

What locations are we actively looking to expand in?

We are currently focused on first building a foundation in the west coast. However, as we are continuously looking for new locations, we are currently accepting applications from entreprenuers from all 50 states.

What makes LashBar™ unique and why partner with LashBar™?

We’ve designed LashBar™ to be an systematic brand. Our culture is family oriented with plenty of support from everyone around. With a tight-knit and hands on approach, we have combined our expertise within the lash extension industry along with innovative technology to create a seamless experience not only for our guests, but for our franchise owners and their employees as well. From our patented lash systems, to our mobile apps, we’ve designed a roadmap to be implemented for success.

What is my role as an owner?

Your role as an owner is to love your business and trust the process. There is no easy road to a successful business; it requires hard work. However, applying that hard work with our proven roadmap will put you on the right path for success.

Who is an ideal franchise owner?

The ideal franchise partner is an entreprenuer or lash artist interested in opening their own salon. Someone who is hardworking and passionate about beauty and lashes. We want those who will be involved with their salons day to day operations and growth. We are also looking for current lash salon owners who want to partner up with the LashBar™ brand to help them implement systems and processes to create more success.

Can I open more then one location?

Of course. We have owners with more than one location. We also offer incentives to open multiple locations within a certain time period.

What are the ongoing fees?

Our royalty fee includes a 6% franchise fee and a 2% national marketing fee for one location. We offer royalty discounts for multi-unit owners. This is for on-going support and innovations.

How many LashBar™ locations are currently open?

LashBar™ currently has 7 locations in California and is in the process of opening more.

Do you only do lashes?

As we want to build a brand that’s lash exclusive, Lash extensions and Lash lifts are the only services that LashBar™ salons offer.

How do I get started?

Fill out our franchise inquiry now to schedule a meeting and learn more about our process and next steps. Visit www.lashbar.com/franchiseinquiry