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About us.

LashBar’s mission is to provide a luxury lash experience with a customer first mindset. We source and use the highest quality materials and provide in-house stylist training to make sure guests are walking away feeling confident and complete.


LashBar™ was founded and started in November 2016 by Joseph and Lina Mai. With their combined experiences, Lina designed and built out the first LashBar™ while Joseph worked on perfecting the operations and guest experience. As others quickly expressed an interest in the brand, LashBar™ became an official franchise in February of 2018. 


With their combined 30 years of experience in beauty and business, Joseph and Lina have created and built a successful franchise and are looking to grow nationally.

Lina Mai


Lina was born in Stockton, California. After graduating from cosmetology school in 2002, Lina has continued to grow and create success in the world of hair. In 2008 Lina was introduced to, and certified in, eyelash extension and has continued to keep up to date with the quality and trends ever since. With her experience in the beauty industry, she has started several beauty salons in both California and Florida. Lina opened the first LashBar™ in November 2016.


Outside of LashBar™, Lina is involved in her Christian Orthodox community and loves the outdoors. She is an avid hiker and loves to be out in nature.

Joseph Mai


Joseph was born in San Diego, California. He has always had the entrepreneurial spirit starting his first business in 7th grade. After graduating from San Diego State University in 2004, Joseph has been involved and founded other businesses in a variety of spaces. The skills and experiences he gained from his previous ventures have helped to create a solid foundation for LashBar™.


Outside of LashBar™, Joseph is involved in his Christian Orthodox Church community and loves playing sports.

Our Founders


A Growing


Eyelash services are currently the newest and fastest growing segment in an 84 billion-dollar per year beauty industry. 


We offer 2 main eyelash services and a few supporting services that compliment our lash services.

Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extension is a process of individually placing a synthetic mink like lash on your natural lash to give you an enhanced look.

At LashBar™, we pride ourselves in our quality of lashes as well as our application process. We make sure that all our lash stylists are fully trained and certified prior to stepping onto our lash floor.

We care about each one of our guests. Prior to every new lash service, we sit down and have a lash consultation to review and discuss which lashes are best for our guest. We will never recommend any lash type or style that will be damaging to the natural lashes.

A natural lash cycle typically lasts 6-8 weeks. With our technique our lashes will never damage your natural lash, instead they’ll fall out with your natural cycle. We separate every natural lash individually and carefully placing our synthetic mink like lash on top without touching the eyelid or clustering lashes together.

Keratin Treatment

Like a keratin hair treatment, an eyelash lift provides that same keratin treatment to the natural lashes. This process gives the existing lashes a natural curl with a perm that lasts anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks, depending on eyelash renewal cycle. Like eyelash extensions, there are 3 types of curl available, depending on the natural lash length and strength. At LashBar™, we use the highest quality products with trained stylist to make sure the lashes comes out perfectly every time

Why LashBar™?

Wide Client Range

Eyelash services have been popular because of how it helps enhance a person’s look. This has created a need for people of all ages and gender to beautify themselves without the hassle of daily makeup routines.

Recurring Revenue

We offer individual services and four levels of membership programs. Along with our automatic payment system and our talented stylists who help clients book recurring appointments and fills with LashBar™, Revenue is almost a guaranteed.

Luxury Experience

Every service starts with our signature lychee champagne and consultation process (recorded for future appointments). Every guest receives superior attention to detail from start to finish, leaving them feeling positive and confident every time.

Low Cost Initial Investment Range of:

$135,000 - $265,000


Franchise Investment


Corporate Royalty


National Ad Royalty

In-House Financing Available

Franchise Investment

At LashBar™, we are heavily involved in process from pre-opening to grand opening. We want to give our franchisees the confidence in starting their own business. Here are a few examples we help with:

• Location search and negotiations

• Corporate entity filing

• Location construction design and build-out

• 24 Plus hours of operational training

• 16 Hours of eyelash extension application training

• Pre-opening planning and marketing Grand Opening

Corporate Royalty

Once you have successfully opening your franchised location, your monthly corporate royalty will help us continue to support you to grow and expand your business. Here are a few examples we help with:

• Employee and HR support

• Higher education in service and training support

• Marketing materials in social and paper print

• Continued innovation of products and services

• Overseeing quality control of all locations

National Ad Royalty

We work to create and establish a luxury brand that stands behind quality and guest service. The monthly national ad contributions helps upkeep our brand growth and relevancy in this growing industry. Here are a few examples of what we use this contribution for:

• Marketing

• Trade shows

• Social awareness

• Community events

Additional Investment Breakdown


Initial Business & Salon Setup

Initial & On-going Service Training

Web Support & Software

Brand Awareness

Social Media Designs & Support

Guest Support Training

Operations Process & Continued Support

Marketing & HR Support

Additional Support:

Annual Updated Operations Manual

Annual Updated Employee Handbook

Local Marketing Cooperatives

Owners Events & Training


Floor Plan

We work closely with you and the space you have to create a tailored floor plan that is custom-suited to your business needs.

Branded Products

We sell our own signature line of products such as our high-quality Aftercare products for cleansing lashes, blankets, water bottles, and much more.

Ready to Join the LashBar™ Family?

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