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Becoming A Salon Owner

There are two paths to becoming a salon owner: starting your own business from scratch or joining an established brand. We've broken down what each of these paths look like to help you decide the best option for you.

Starting a Salon From Scratch

You are on your own. You are responsible for creating a business plan and taking classes to learn how to run a successful business. No one is there to guide you in the right direction unless you hire a coach. 

Create your own brand. From designing a logo and creating a website or hiring someone to do it for you, to building out your salon and getting your name out there, creating your own brand is a long, hard process. It can also be expensive.

Expect long hours with no support or expert training your life will have to revolve around your business. You will have to figure out licensing, state laws, staff training programs, operations, human resources, payroll, etc. It will take a while for your salon to run itself.

Plan for the future.  Plan for retirement and the salon's future. Do you pass on the salon or sell it? Will you make a profit if you sell it or barely break even? How much is your brand worth? Do you have enough saved to retire or do you have to find another source of income?

High risk. Questionable reward. 20% of startup businesses don’t survive the first year. Of the ones that do, most have to wait 3-5 years to see a profit. 

Opening a LashBar™ Salon

Join a family who works together. You'll have the ability to connect with existing franchise owners for advice and with corporate behind you, you'll have a mentor included with every step of your business journey. 

Join an established brand. Being apart of a brand makes your business more reliable and ultimately worth more. We have an inhouse graphic design team to create everything you need from website design, social media and marketing materials to posters and signs.

Manageable time commitment. You are given an existing, successful business model with an operations manual, training program, supply chain, technical support, etc. Having all of this done for you gives you more time to focus on the fun parts of running your salon.

Know your future is secure. Our system is automated and self-sufficient with a built in (optional) exit strategy. Keep your salon for passive income or sell your business as the value will continue to increase. Being apart of a brand makes your business worth more if you decide to sell.

Success is almost guaranteed. If our system is executed properly, you can see a return on your investment and a net profit in 1 to 2 years! Just ask our franchisee partners.

Is LashBar™ The Right Path For You?

If you feel LashBar™ could be the right fit for you and

your goals, don't wait a second longer! Fill out the application below to get in contact with our team.

Our Franchise Process: Step By Step


Get to know each other


Financial Qualifications


Speak with the Founders


Sign Franchise Agreement

Reach out and talk to a member of our team so we can get to know each other and talk about our exciting franchise opportunities. 

Understand what you need to get started on owning your own salon and submit your finances for approval. 

Get connected with Lina and Joseph to discuss the next step. Meet the team at our headquarters and take a tour of our current salons to speak with current franchisees. 

You are ready! Sign your franchise agreement and get started on your new business. 

Get In Touch With Our Team!

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