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Lash Lifts for Men

Male Lash Lifts

Who said lash lifts are for women only? Our male clientele loves having their lashes done. It’s a natural look that helps lift up their natural lashes, giving them a more open eye look making them look more awake and alert.

Yea I lift bro, my lashes.

Current societal movements are to embrace self care, both for females and males. With male eyelashes usually being thicker and stronger, lash lifts are a great option for those who’d like to keep a natural look. With our keratin treatment, lash lifts ensure that the lashes are well taken care of, and provide both nourishment and strength.

Benefits of Lash Lifts

What’s great about a lash lift is that it doesn’t use any artificial lashes or products. It’s more like a perm for your lashes. A lash lift rod is put on your eyelids, and with the use of our Yumi Lash Lift products your lashes are gently guided upon the rod, where they’re treated with a lift solution.

The solution breaks down the outer layer of the lashes, similar to a perm, so that the lash can get reconstructed and then rebuilt again with the shape of the rod. The next solution closes the outer layer of the lash again to protect it and lock in the new shape. Finally, a keratin rich solution is applied to the lashes for the final treatment and enhancement.

Take a look at our happy male guests at our LashBar™ Hillcrest location who love coming in and having their lashes lifted and treated.



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