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Myth Buster Monday: All Lash Extensions Look the same.

Are all lash extensions the same?

Lashes are lashes right? They’re sometimes dark, sometimes light. Some are thick and some are thin. Our natural eyelashes are there to protect our eyes.

Eyelashes are a first line of defense for your eyes, keeping airborne dirt, dust, lint and other debris from reaching the delicate eye tissues. With eyes open, eyelashes catch some airborne debris, but when closed, eyelashes form a nearly impenetrable barrier against foreign irritants in the eye.” - Wythe Eye Associates

But, while our lashes are there to help protect our eyes, they can also help define our eyes, and for many people, it’s part of their identity. Having eyelashes that are darker and lifted, helps open up our eyes and can help us both look and feel more awake.

Different styles for different eyes

Seems simple enough right? We all have lashes that are made up from hair around our eyes. However, everyones eyes are designed differently. Which means, everyone’s lash styles are different. A style that helps lift and open up someone’s eyes, may close and be too heavy for someone else’s eyes.

Not only do we have multiple different styles we can do for different eyes, but each individual lash also looks different. Just like with natural lashes, lash extensions come in different sizes, thicknesses and colors depending on what your eye needs.

Here at LashBar™ we have 4 different lash thicknesses we use depending on the style and type of lashes our guests have. Each one has it’s one function and it’s own look. Added to the thickness, we also have several different lengths and curls, all combined to create the perfect lash style for your eyes.

Do they all look the same?

So, long story short, all lash extensions definitely don’t look the same. Applied properly, lash extensions can completely change one's look, both in a great way and also in a bad way if not done properly.

And even if you and a friend choose the exact same style, length, curl and diameter, your lashes may look completely different. That’s because everyone’s eyes are unique and special to you. That’s why each of our talented stylists always offer complimentary consultations before your service to ensure that the style you’re looking for is what’s going to work best for you.

But that’s the neat thing about getting your lash extensions done at a LashBar™ location. You can completely customize your look and style. Our incredible stylists will be able to look at your lashes and give you a consultation to find the proper lash thickness, length and curl that will give you the look you’re looking for. So come on in and design your own look for your next lash extension appointment.



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