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A Day at LashBar™

Ever wondered what happens at our salons when we are not lashing? Here at LashBar™ we are a family of friends. It's important to us that when we come to work each day we have fun and enjoy ourselves. We believe that if a positive work environment is fostered, our guests will feel that positivity and it will create a relaxed atmosphere where they can take their lash naps while being pampered.

To start our days our salons are opened, beds are prepped and made (in between pillow fights), surfaces and tools are sanitized and cleaned, and our product shelves are restocked with the best products you need to take care of your lashes.

Schedules are then checked so our stylists knows who's coming in for the day and they can accurately prepare the day ahead. This is why it's important you call us ahead of time if things in your schedule change and you won't be able to make it to your appointment on time.

Our days are then filled with lash extensions, lash fills and lash lifts. Our lash stylists love seeing their repeat guests come back for their fills and catch up on their lives. It's more than just a job to our stylists, it's a lifestyle and catching up with friends.

If you're ready to find a stylist to bond with, come schedule your next lash extension appointment on our website today and be prepared to get beautified while either napping or chatting.



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