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Myth Buster Monday: I can easily apply lash extensions myself

It can be easy to confuse lash extensions with fake eyelashes. Yes, technically they’re both faux lashes, but the difference is, fake eyelashes are applied at home for a temporary look. Meanwhile, lash extensions are professionally applied, by a licensed esthetician, using a strong, permanent lash adhesive.

Because lash extensions are applied with a strong adhesive, it’s important that they’re applied properly or else they may cause harm to your natural lashes.

It is also important to ensure your eyes are completely closed during the entire appointment so the adhesive fumes don’t get into your eyes as it can cause discomfort.

Why Lash Extensions are better than Lash Strips

A lash extension appointment takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Here at LashBar™, all of our stylists are trained in the art of lash extensions to give you the perfect look you’re looking for. Not only will they be able to attach the lashes in a safe way, but they’ll also be able to create a unique style and design to fit your face, eye shape and personality.

Needless to say, if you want real lash extensions that are safely applied, that won’t be harmful to you or your natural lashes, having one or our LashBar™ stylists apply your lash extensions for you is the right way to go. Plus, our beds and pillows are so comfortable you’ll be able to take a quick lash nap while your stylist completes your brand new lash set.



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