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The LashBar™ Story - The beginning of a Lash Extension Empire

San Diego #1 Lash Extension Salon is Born

We all have a dream of what we want to do in our lives. We go to school or start a career that we see ourselves in for the foreseeable future. But like with anything, plans, goals and desires change. That’s exactly what the founder and owner of LashBar™ went through.

Lina came from a successful career in the Beauty Industry working as a hairdresser. With over 20 years of experience she was looking for the next adventure within beauty services. Once she was introduced to the lash extension industry she was immediately hooked.

Lina and her husband Joseph had been looking for a location where Lina could open her own hair salon. But instead of a hair salon, Lina now came back and told Joseph she wanted to start a lash extension business. Joseph had no idea what lash extensions were but trusted his wife's intuition and wanted to support her dreams. Needless to say, the first LashBar™ location was opened in 2016 in Mira Mesa.

To start, they offered both lash extensions as well as hair cuts. But they quickly realized that their biggest offering was their lash work. Joseph, who has a background in entrepreneurship and starting and building up businesses, recognized that the need for a strong, high quality lash salon was needed. With this knowledge, they decided to niche down and focus primarily on lash extensions. LashBar™ was about to make itself a name in the lash extension industry and position themselves as the number one lash salon in San Diego.

From one salon to the start of a lash empire

The LashBar™ Mira Mesa location quickly became a success and stylists all over San Diego started to notice the growth of the lash industry. Shortly after opening, requests came in to LashBar™ about opening more locations and possibly franchise new LashBar™ locations.

After thinking about it, Lina and Joseph realized they had a solid business plan and operational guidelines in place, and they decided to take the business to the next level. The first Franchise location was opened in 2018 and once again, they had another success on their hands. Now, 3 years later, there are 7 successfully operating LashBar™ locations in San Diego, with multiple more on the docket to open within the next couple of years, and requests coming in from out of state locations as well.

The LashBar™ Services

All of our LashBar™ salons offer a high quality service and experience for all of our guests. Our stylists are highly qualified and trained in lash extension services ranging from Classic to Mega-Volume lashes.

We offer three levels of experience with our stylists. The quality across each level is the same with the only difference being which services they’re trained in completing and how long they take to complete each service. Our junior stylists are trained to complete Classic and Hybrid sets, and as their experience increases and they can complete them faster they’ll get promoted to a higher level. Our senior stylists are also able to complete volume sets and master stylists have the added Mega-Volume sets to their skill sets.

Each of our LashBar™ salons have guest services and quality as their top priority. Regardless of which salon or which stylist you go to, you are sure to walk away feeling beautiful and satisfied with your new lashes. Head on over to and schedule your service today or find out more about how you can become a Lash Fairy or even a Franchise owner.



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