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Myth Buster Monday: Fake Lashes will make my natural lashes weaker and thinner when I stop treatment

Lash extensions are a really neat way to enjoy pretty, made up lashes on an everyday basis. They come in multiple different styles, thicknesses and lengths to fit every person and personality.

However, one of the biggest worries that people have when getting lash extensions is that it’ll harm the natural lashes. That their natural lashes will be weaker and thinner once they stop doing lash extensions. Feeling like they’re locked in to always doing lash extensions or their lashes will be ruined.

This is not true. In fact, lash extensions that have been applied properly and treated right won’t harm your natural lashes. Instead, they’ll fall off along with the natural lash during your lash cycle.

A visual appearance

The cool thing about lash extensions is that they alter your lashes by providing a darker, fuller look. Lash extensions reduce the need for lash curlers and mascara which actually can be harmful to your natural lashes. It’s a look you can easily get used to, and one that will save you time in the morning while getting ready.

But there may be times when you need to take a break from lash extensions, at which point you let the extensions fall out and leave it to your natural lashes.

Now, you may feel like your lashes are looking thinner and shorter than before once you stop wearing lash extensions. What happens is actually an optical illusion. With your lash extensions, you’ve gotten used to a thicker, darker, longer and fuller look. Which means, in comparison, your natural lashes may look thinner and shorter, when in fact they’re just the same as they were before starting with lash extensions.

It’s a totally normal reaction. It’s the same as when you start wearing lash extensions. You may start with a Classic look, however, as the months go along, you get more and more used to the look and you may graduate to an even fuller look. As your eyes get used to a certain look, other looks may look completely different.

Just know that your natural lashes are always well taken care of here at LashBar™. The goal is to always enhance your look while taking care of your lashes.

If you’re ready to try lash extensions, reach out and schedule an appointment right on our website at one of our convenient locations.



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