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Our Stylist's Favorite Products

We love hearing what our stylists like to use in order to give you the perfect lashes. These products are carefully curated to ensure your lashes stay strong, healthy and beautiful.

Without doubt, our most popular product among stylists and guests alike is our All-in-One Cleanser. This product is safe to use on a daily basis to wash your lashes. It helps remove makeup, dirt and debris that can gather on top of your lashes and reduce the longevity of your lash extensions.

With it's water-based solution it is also safe to use while wearing lash extensions without interfering with the adhesive. Clean lashes is one of the most important parts in ensuring your lash extensions lasts for as long as they should, that they don't damage your natural lashes, and that they look as beautiful between fills as they do when you just got them done.

One thing our stylists can agree on is that our isolation tweezer sure makes their job a lot easier. This tweezer is specifically designed to make it easy to isolate your natural lashes so that the stylist can attach your lash extension to your natural lash without worrying about them attaching to multiple natural lashes.

Proper isolation is so important when doing lash extensions. In order to protect your natural lashes, they stylist want to ensure the extensions are put on one lash and one lash only. When the lash extensions are attached to multiple natural lashes you run the risk of premature shedding of your natural lashes as they may be in different lash cycles.

Ever wished you could sleep in public? With our 3D sleep mask you can! Not only does it block out the light, but its shaped foam cups are specifically designed to protect your lash extensions as you sleep. If you're a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, the mask is especially useful for you to protect your lashes. The 3D setup allows room for your lashes to move as you sleep without being smushed and damaged.

This way you'll wake up not only feeling refreshed, but with a quick brush your lashes will look as stunning as you do.



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