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National Lash Day!

February 19th, better known to us here at LashBar as National Lash Day!

Created in 2015 by House of Lashes, National Lash Day celebrates lashes of every shape style, length; natural and false.

Lashes are important for so many reasons. They protect your eyes from dirt and other substances entering the eye and help prevent infections. They prevent moisture from leaving the eyes and they also help shade your eyes from the light.

In addition to the physical benefits lashes provide, they add to any makeup look. They’re known for their ability to make your eyes pop. There’s no better feeling than when someone says “WOW you have really nice lashes!”. Your eyelashes deserve to be recognized for all the good they bring to the table.

How To Celebrate

Observing this national day couldn’t be easier!

Give your lashes a little extra attention. Use this day to style them! Share your beautiful lashes on social media using #NationalLashDay and promote lash love. Tag us @lashbarusa so we can see your amazing lashes and share the love.

Eat foods that help your lashes grow healthy and strong. Eating salmon, eggs, almonds, walnuts, beans, and avocados can help with eyelash health.

Treat your lashes with a 5-star service and buy the best eyelash products you can buy! LashBar™’s products are vegan and cruelty-free and a great safe choice for your lashes. Check them out here!

Always Remember

Your eyelashes are beautiful whether they’re natural, false, or with extensions. Celebrate your radiant, confident self today and every day. While national days are fun, remember it's important to show yourself love every day.

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