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Myth Buster Monday: Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes and Make Them Fall Out

Introducing our Myth Buster Monday Series! One by one this series will address and BUST the myths surrounding eyelash extensions. If you have any fears or myths you want answers to, feel free to comment on any Myth Buster Monday and our Lash Experts will get back to you!

The first myth we're going to cover is "Extensions can damage your natural eyelashes and make them fall out".

True or False?

It’s kind of a trick question. Properly placed eyelash extensions will NOT damage your natural eyelashes. Each eyelash extension is placed on individual eyelashes, thus, will grow and shed as your natural eyelash grows and sheds.

Damage occurs when eyelash extensions are lumped together and placed on multiple eyelashes at once. Because each eyelash has its own growth cycle, they grow and fall out at different times. Thus, if an eyelash extension is placed across multiple lashes, it’ll grow unevenly and can potentially pull out lashes prematurely.

Damage to your natural lashes can also happen if you pluck and pull at your lashes as well as skip proper cleaning every day.

Choosing an eyelash extension artist or salon that specializes in eyelash extensions is imperative for healthy lashes. Ensure they know how to properly place eyelash extensions on your lashes and talk to you about proper aftercare. Like with anything you want to make sure you do your research before choosing your stylist. Remember, quality is often more expensive but worth it in the long run if you want to ensure a safe and healthy experience.

For happy and healthy lashes (both natural and extensions) follow the below formula for success after your appointment.

1. Brush your lashes twice daily using an eyelash wand (the LashBar™ wand comes in three different colors)

2. Use an Oil-free cleanser to clean your lashes every day (our All-In-One Cleanser is compact and easy to use)

3. Use a sleep mask and avoid sleeping on your lashes (our 3D mask does wonders to provide a peaceful sleep)

4. Don’t pick, pull or rub at your lashes, ever! This is one of the best ways to make sure your lashes won't fall out prematurely.

And just like that, this myth has been busted! Lash extensions are perfectly safe for your natural lashes and will do no damage as long as they are properly applied. So what are you waiting for? There's no reason to wait; head to and book your lash appointment with one of our expert Lash Stylists today!



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