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Myth Buster Monday: Mascara Can't Be Used on Lash Extensions

And we’re back with another Myth Buster Monday!

We love talking about lashes and answering questions so whether you're a returning guest or thinking about getting lashes for the first time if you're confused about any part of the process or unsure of anything, leave a comment below and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions and set the record straight.

True or False?

Speaking of setting the record straight, let's talk about this week's myth, Mascara Can't Be Used on Lash Extensions.

This is NOT true.

Many lash artists will tell their guests to avoid using mascara on their lash extensions because it will break down the adhesive and lead to premature shedding of their extensions. This is true of oil-based mascaras. Oils are responsible for adhesive breakdown which is why all lash artists also recommend their guests use an oil-free facial cleanser when they have lash extensions.

Water-based mascaras, on the other hand, don't contain harmful oils and are perfectly safe to use with eyelash extensions. Water-based mascaras are not as common and a little harder to find than oil-based ones. The last thing we want to do here at LashBar is recommend a product that's hard to find or make you read through copious amounts of mascara labels digging through ingredients. So we created the LashBar™ Mascara with our own water-based formula to guarantee our guests have easy access to extension safe products. Not only is it safe to apply, but it's also easily removable with our LashBar™ Cleanser or any other water-based remover.

When to Use it

While our mascara is lash extension safe, it doesn't mean you need to use it every day while you have extensions. Lash extensions already make your eyes pop and add volume to your look; no amount of mascara on top of them will add to that. That being said, you may find that in-between fills, as your lashes naturally shed, your extensions don't look as full and that's where the mascara comes in. It's the perfect tool to hold you over until you make it in for your next appointment.

In Conclusion

So yes, you can in fact wear mascara with lash extensions so long as it's water-based. Whether you use ours or take the time to find your own, if you do wear it, remember to find a water-based remover to go with it. That concludes another Myth Buster Monday. Tune in next time to get more answers and learn even more about lash extensions.



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