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Myth Buster Monday: Only Young People Get Lash Extensions

This Week's Myth...

Welcome back for another Myth Buster Monday. With the lash industry still being new to the beauty world, we know there are lots of questions and myths out there about lash extensions. Our experts here at LashBar™ are here to answer your questions and address these myths.

This week's myth claims that lash extensions are only for "young people".

This could not be farther from the truth.

You Can't Put an Age on Lashes

Lash Extensions are for everyone! Thanks to customizable looks and styles ranging from classic to glamour, simple to full volume, there is a style that works for everyone, no matter their age.

You can’t put an age on lashes. There is no age limit on when you have to stop feeling beautiful. From the young adults who don't want to worry about makeup, to the older population who still loves to get "done up" and dress to kill; lash extensions eliminate the hassle for all ages.

Every person is unique and with our many lash looks, we can find one that fits every personality and style.

As we grow older, our lashes’ natural curl starts to straighten out and our lashes also lose some of their color, resulting in a sparse look that may make us feel like we’re lacking in the eyelash department.

As we age, our eyesight may start to weaken which can make putting eye makeup on more difficult as we can no longer see as well. Lash extensions provide a finished look and eliminate the hassle of trying to apply mascara or eyeliner.

And don’t worry, your lashes won’t look over the top (unless you want them to of course). With our Classic Style, one lash extension is applied to each natural lash, giving your lashes a subtle, yet beautiful lift. They can look as natural or dramatic as you want them to.

Without a doubt, lash extensions are for everyone and our lash stylists will go through all the details and information with you during your consultation so you walk away with the results you’re looking for.



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