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Myth Buster Monday: You Can't Wash Your Face with Eyelash Extensions

Welcome back for another Myth Buster Monday with your friends at LashBar™. This week's myth is "You can't wash your face with eyelash extensions".

This could not be further from the truth. It is perfectly safe for you to wash your face and in fact, washing your lashes is HIGHLY recommended. Washing your lashes prevents dirt and debris from building up on your lash extensions and keeps them clean and healthy. However, you do need to be aware and careful of what you're using to wash your face as some products can be harmful to your extensions and weaken the glue bond.

Oils will break the glue bond from your lash extensions to your natural lash. This weak bond is what results in premature lash extension loss so it is best to avoid oil-based facial cleansers and lotions. Be sure to check your products before using them on or around your lash extensions. Water-based products will not harm your extensions. You should ask your stylist for recommendations on lash-safe products.

An easy way to know for sure your beautiful lash extensions are safe from cleansers is to purchase our LashBarAll-in-One Lash Cleanser when you come in for your lash appointment. This cleanser is 100% safe to use on your lashes and as an added bonus, it has a brush built into it for easy application. This cleanser will also remove any makeup around your eye.

Don't forget to brush your lashes after washing them. Pro Tip: wait to brush until your lashes are dry to avoid any tangling or pulling.

Another myth busted! Keep your skin and lashes healthy and clean! As always, feel free to leave any question, concerns, or myths you want answered in the comments below and our talented lash experts will get back to you.



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