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What Style of Lashes is Right For You?

Ever woken up in the morning and debated sleeping in instead of doing your makeup? Laying there in the dark, wondering what your colleagues would think if you showed up to work with a bare face?

Who said it had to be one or the other? What if I told you that you could have both! That’s right, you can have both your sleep AND show up with a jaw-dropping look.

How is this possible?

With our lash extensions, you can (basically) roll straight out of bed and into your car. With a quick brush of your lashes with our Diamond Wand, your lashes are ready to roll and so are you.

And the best part is, you can completely customize your lashes to get the looks you want. From our natural lash styles to our dramatic lash styles, there’s a style for every mood, occasion, and woman.

Lash Extension Styles Available at LashBar™

Natural Lash Extension Style

This is a style that works perfectly if you want more of a natural look to enhance your eyes. With a design that follows the natural lash curve, the natural style follows a layout of shorter lashes in your corners with longer lashes towards the middle. It’s a more conservative look that’ll mimic the look of just mascara on your lashes.

Baby Doll Lash Extension Style

The baby doll lash extension style is our most popular style. It is perfect if you’re looking for something semi-natural with a twist. It adds drama without being overwhelming. With a design that’s shorter in the inner eye, longer in the middle, and medium in the outer corners, you get a little extra flair on the outside. This style works great for people who have naturally hooded eyes as the longer length in the middle will make your eyes look more open.

Cat Eye Lash Extension Style

This is our most dramatic look and most glamorous style. This look is for anyone who regularly uses lash extensions, a lot of eye makeup, and a winged eyeliner. Starting with a shorter length in the inner corner, the length increasingly gets longer with the longest length in the outer corner giving the popular cat-eye look that works perfectly with a winged eyeliner.

Which style is best for you?

So the question isn’t really - Should I get Eyelash Extensions? The question is: Which style of extensions should I get?

Because let’s be real, having your lashes done at a LashBar™ location will not only make you feel like a million bucks, but it’ll save you so much time in the morning, giving you that extra beauty sleep your always looking for.



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